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Resource Management System (RMS)

Ground Handlers with complex roster patterns whether Passenger (above wing) Ramp (below wing) and cargo ramp movement and warehouse staff management will all find efficiencies by automating rosters. With 30000+ staff using our automated and integrated rostering services (RMS) across three Continents we can certainly claim to have a robust tried and tested solution that is smart phone enabled where required. Typical Cost of labour savings can be 8%+/- depending on how efficient existing processes might be. But it’s not just a way to save staff costs, management time is also saved and with transparent on the day oversight and intervention quality is improved, compliance with training, airline accreditations (for example Load Control and DGR etc) are made easy.
Every solution is configurable because every operation will have different Country HR laws, different Union agreements, different airport layouts, different customer requirements and SLA and so on. A key element of what Rsmart bring to the table is this awareness of your operating needs and constraints and the expertise to work with you for a customised outcome. We pride ourselves on us fitting into your operation and we don’t expect you to fit into a “cookie cutter” approach from Rsmart. Small enough to be nimble but with the deep IT and Ground Handling expertise to make a real difference to your operation.
Budgeting becomes easy, reforecasting staff costs and identifying peak time staff or skills shortages becomes factual not opinions and guesses. Answering “what if” questions is very simple –what if we win this one per day at peak time? Can we afford to lose this off peak arrival?
Rostering is a standalone module and we can integrate this into any/all your existing software or we can offer a full service adding modules for example:
Leave Management mobile - meaning that leave applications become simple, building in skills and annualized hours etc including a “fairness element” and giving management the ability to intervene as required
Data capture at aircraft side and billing modules. All GHA know the risk of missing additional services performed over and above a standard turn as defined in the SGHA with each airline but capturing additional services, additional tows, second push back, GPU, FEP and etc are very easy to miss in a paper based environment. One major GHA found over 7.5% of such revenue missed in a study a few years ago.

Resource Planning

A Powerful tool for optimum resource planning. The Rsmart solution understands what you need and how you need it, understands your individual local laws, any union agreements, training and accreditation and custom and practice for each station – a bespoke solution is created for each customer and each station using our expertise and experience. SLA are embedded along with your flight schedule enabling accurate timely rosters that take into account your flights, your people and the mix of full time part and etc enabling an optimal roster is ready in few minutes, which is flexible to modify and publish.

Roster Scheduling

Task allocation in a dynamic environment with so many variables and changing airline requirements is complex, but for the Rsmart allocation tool its a few minutes work once we have set you up. Timely accurate rosters ensure that budgeting variations are easily identified, “what if?” questions can be answered in minutes with certainty (what if we have a new customer at this time? How much cost of labour do we incur? What happens if we lose this one—how much Cost of labour do we save?

Real-time Deployment

Rsmart manages on the day changes with management able to have transparency across the entire operation and able to make real time changes communicated by mobile phone with a confirmation of acceptance of the changes by individual staff members management have transparency and the ability to influence events as never before meaning costs are saved and SLA are achieved with staff fully informed of their changing duties. Meaning optimal cost, optimal SLA achievement and all with an audit trail for post event consideration and explanation to customers if appropriate

Aviation HR

A global Resource management application that has been designed to facilitate a changing work environment. Covers all - leave management, staff availability status, duty preferences, rest preferences, all in a simple mobile application, helps to monitor and control the service hours which links to the payroll and other systems.

My Roster

Publish the staff roster on staff mobiles meaning they can check their duties, tasks and other alerts and updates. They are also alerted whenever there is change in their roster and duties and they are asked to confirm receipt. Staff are always up to the minute with roster changes and duty changes as management responds to a live and changing environment

My Leave

With Rsmart Mobile staff can apply for leave, managers can approve or decline leave applications instantly or at a time to suit their workload always ensuring the right coverage for flights and tasks. Communicate instantly with every member of the team with real-time alerts and notifications helps improving the efficiency.


Helps the staff to request for their permissible items such as shift preference, rest preferences, duty change or swap requests etc. Staff no longer have to find their manager and apply and await for maybe days for an answer and management have knowledge of what is granted what is declined and what is yet to be decided always secure in the knowledge that they are making leave decision based on factual awareness of the skill sets available if they grant a leave application


Managers have a quick access view to approve or reject the requests, wherever they are, on station or travelling even and with access to operational details they can make informed decisions quickly including for example overtime requests etc, all on the- go. A handy helpful tool for the managers, the team is just one-touch away!

Flight Handling and Billing

Contracts and Amendments

Record and manage all your GSP contracts with time and date stamped contract amendments. Timely expiry alerts enable timely renegotiations or RFP. Having an up to date contract file completely automates your billing and saves lots of manual work and reconciliation disputes. Getting invoices right first time saves time and improves cash flow and takes away a reason for complaints.

Flight Handling (Mobile)

Service recording with time and date stamped internal and external team approvals, alerts and escalations for deviations, the complete data capturing for SLA tracking and billing. Especially valuable is capturing data on additional services performed that are chargeable. Not only giving you revenue capture but providing valuable knowledge of services by customer to help negotiate future contracts with facts not anecdotes.


The most time consuming task for Ground handlers and Ground handling companies can be the billing process to the Airlines. This gap between the Ground handlers and Airlines creates disputes and payment issues. With Rsmart Mobile based service capturing and service acknowledgement, you bill your customer accurately and no more revenue leakages.

Equipment Maintenance System - GSE / EMS


All GSE maintenance and repairs scheduled and unscheduled can be managed and recorded. Parts management and inventory including reordering alerts becomes easy and those worrying airline audit visits become well managed and based on evidence and records not bits of paper. GSE requirements can be matched to schedules meaning management can see at a glance where over or under capacity of each GSE type exists. This feature makes costing for new customers and calculating the savings available on losing a customer easy and factual.

Key Features

  • Capturing Usage Log on Mobile
  • Equipment Log book
  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling in context of flight and work schedules
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Service/work orders – Automation
  • Rsmart Interface with SAP/Any ERP Systems
  • Rsmart Mobile EMS
  • Rsmart MIS & Analytics

Key Benefits

  • Equipment Database and History
  • Proactive Maintenance Management
  • Spares Management
  • Daily Logs (Usage and Mileage)
  • Inspections
  • Proactive Preventive Management
  • Breakdown reporting on Mobile
  • Equipment Real-time availability
  • Fuel uplift management
  • Workshop Management
  • Airline and airport audits become evidence based with instant access to records

Learning Management System


Our rostering will only allocate staff to tasks for which they are trained to required standards with current licenses or training needs. Rsmart Learning and Development module can hold all your staff records with alerts for refresher or retraining, alerts for currency (e.g. Load Control etc) and license expiry. This not only makes for a safer and compliant work environment but reassures your airlines and the airport operator that audits you will find you 100% compliant with up to date records easily accessible giving a competitive advantage when tendering for new business or renewals of contracts or licenses to operate.

Key Features

  • Course creations
  • Course Expiry Notifications
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Deployment control
  • Training calendar
  • Connect staff instantly via Mobile
  • Nominations and approvals
  • Training Analysis

Key Benefits

  • Go Mobile - Staff collaboration
  • Request/book a course
  • Online instant approvals
  • Attendance interface
  • Roster planning interface
  • Centralized training planning and control
  • Training budgeting and cost analysis always up to the minute
  • Alerts and escalations

PRM Handling


GSP and Airlines Self Handling their PRM (Passengers with reduced mobility) service are served with our PRM management tool. Using our successful rostering skills as its base the tool manages people and wheelchairs predicting demand, allocating resources, linking to booking and ad hoc “walk ups” on the day. The outstanding feature is the ability to record time and date stamp every push at every key point of the push meaning complaints handling becomes fact based and simple, The ability for customers to record their satisfaction with the service at its completion means that staff have a motivation to provide excellent service as the passenger uses the tool to grade quality of service. SLA and Management reporting to prove compliance with license/airport requirements is customised for each customer.

Key Features

  • Audit Trail - Time Stamp - Location Capturing at every touch point
  • Facts not anecdotes for every service meaning complaints are managed in seconds not hours of research
  • Management information available live at push of button
  • Tailored management reports suitable for SLA management
  • Number of pushes by agent, airline, shift
  • Every service recorded at every touch point GPS or Bar code as available at your airport
  • Auto-allocation and resource utilization efficiency
  • Optimum resource (human and chairs/buggies etc) planning and execution
  • Optional link to billing or billing included

Key Benefits

  • Track the Wheelchair and Agent
  • Rsmart generated Barcodes
  • To be fixed on the desired locations at the airport
  • Agent to scan the boarding pass and scan the locations
  • Pax Details, Time Stamp and Location Stamp capturing
  • Map-view to monitor the asset and agent
  • Active/Idle status of the resources in real-time
  • Track the SLA
  • Assign and re-assign jobs and equipment in Real-Time

Lounge Management System


A simple App based smart phone tool for lounge management, taking bookings in advance and walk ins, invoicing whether to an airline/airport/intermediary such as for example Dragon Pass/Priority Pass or the passenger themselves ensuring no revenue leakage. Rsmart Lounge Management System interface with airline systems for the eligibility to allow the access and report back to the airlines for the services provided, and bill them as per the contract. It also generates reports to the banks in their formats for the services rendered and invoice them as per the contract arrangements. Accepting the guest to updating the data, pre-booking, waitlist management to the billing to banks and airlines, a complete solution to manage your airport lounges.

Key Features

  • Boarding pass scanning
  • Pre-booking
  • POS interface for onsite payments
  • Waiting-list management and lounge capacity management
  • Realtime Flight data interface
  • Alerts and Notifications

Key Benefits

  • All-in-one Mobile App for Airport Lounges
  • Android and iOS Mobile Application
  • No other software/hardware needed
  • Support all bank cards and plans
  • Interface with the bank systems
  • Support all airlines/eligibilities
  • Automated billing to banks and airlines
  • SLA and Compliance management

Meet And Assist


A simple mobile app based solution for handling VIP and Meet and Assist services. The requests received on your portal, or received from the flight movement is picked up by Rsmart Meet Assist, helps to plan shift/roster for the agents and enables real time updates the service details. It supports the managers to do real-time allocation on the day-of-ops. The solution also has the optional billing function to charge the passenger/customer airlines, if needed. It ensures the assist activities are planned in advance, executed well with the utmost satisfaction of the passenger and the carrier.

Key Features

  • Covers the complete M&A Functions
    • Arrival Assist
    • Departure Assit
    • Transit Assist
    • Lounge Assist
    • VIP Assist
    • Unaccompanied Minor
    • Assist with Wheelchair
  • Instant customer feedback

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use Android and iOS Mobile App
  • Pre-booking and NO SHOW details
  • Real time alerts for “fail to meet” meaning
  • Agent and pax details by flight - complete service log
    • Travelers phone contacts instantly available
  • Services provided - complete analysis
    • By Airline/flight for a given period
    • Daily/weekly/monthly service analysis report
    • Revenue Analysis report
    • On-time accurate automated billing to your customer

OutStation Management System


We developed this service for a European airline enabling the capture of every service performed by their various GSP during a turn meaning the ability to analyse actual costs inside and outside their standard SGHA agreement This enables invoice checking to be automated and makes comparing stations, suppliers or regions, simple with customised management information reporting. Outstation Management System of Rsmart helps airlines to track and manage their operations across their network. The airlines can create their own online template and ensure the stations/service providers update the real-time service and activity updates for every flight on the mobile application. Rsmart brings this information to an information dashboard that supports fast decisions making based on facts and not based on phone calls. Managing the operational efficiency, OTP improvements, meeting the SLA's becomes very easy and all the required details to the local station staff and management and to the team at headquarters or central offices is just a touch away on their mobile phones. The auto service and contracts integration helps the airlines to have better control over their supplier invoices and provides deep detailed understanding of costs station by station.

Key Features

  • Manage all your supplier contracts at all outstations
  • Services captured as well as any changes with approvals and document attachment facility
  • Real-time flight data interface
  • All the changes and exceptions updated to and from suppliers instantly
  • Recording the services performed time and date stamped by Mobile App
  • Online approvals of the provided services by your airport representative via Mobile App
  • Send your special and additional requests
  • Automated invoicing becomes simple
  • You can produce an invoice instantly before the one raised by the supplier reaches you
  • Pay only what is asked for and actually provided - No More Disputes and Discrepancies
  • Auto reconciliation helps you to identify incorrect invoices instantly and clear correct ones instantly.

Key Benefits

  • Checklist to collect station specific and service specific additional information you need to collect via Mobile App
  • Access given to suppliers to update all the data you would need for your MIS and decision making
  • Checklist to collect safety and audit related, passenger, cargo, baggage and other information
  • Covers all types of services including Fuel, Catering etc.
  • Supplier Invoice Reconciliation
  • SLA Monitoring, Alerts and Escalations based on the set parameters conditions
  • Instant approval of every flight
  • Interface with your ERP/Finance system

About Us

We are a software products and services company based out of Mumbai, India and Helsinki, Finland. Our solutions are focused to cater and serve the Aviation Industry. We have started our journey with airports in India and we are a significant player in the sector in India but have developed our customers in Europe, Caribbean and Indian Ocean as well as our first North American customer who is live with our PRM (Wheelchair service) at Toronto. Rsmart developed our portfolio of services such that we have a full service offering for any Ground handler (Above and Below wing) GSP as well as self-handling airlines and airports. We have a modular approach to business meaning customers are free to pick and choose from our “menu” and our integration skills enable full integration with proprietary and in house solutions. All services are Mobile smart phone enabled. Our business model is different to many others in that we are subscription based meaning no license to purchase or significant up front capex requirements. We have 30000+ staff on our rostering solution many of whom are integrated with our leave management and turnround management and billing modules. Our PRM application is live in India and Canada and 20,000++ services are performed every year and recorded on our mobile enabled App.



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Vinay is the founder CEO for Rsmart and its spectrum of products and solutions in the aviation, banking and financial services sectors. The passion for products that ‘make a difference’ has not diminished a bit after spending over 20+ years in software, web and cloud systems across different industry verticals
Velu, is the Founder CTO for Rsmart, spear heading the Solution Engineering & Technology Innovation. Leads the Centre of Excellence with a passion and focus on the product development and enhancements.
Rajan, Founder and COO, is your complete solution champion across the spectrum of Aviation software space. He brings to the table, over 20 years of information technology and solution engineering experience spread across multiple areas in aviation which includes Ground handling, Resource Planning, Cargo handling, Analytics etc.
Keith Purdom
(Customer Relations)
Keith brings with him CEO expertise in ground handling. Keith is well known in the ground handling sector and leads our Global Customer Support. Keith previously led Servisair in positions at CEO and MD level, and has also worked with AT&T and in the leisure travel and charter airline sectors.
Lauri Kuljus
(Financial Consultant)
Lauri, based out at Helsinki, Finland, is our Financial and Tax Consultant. He is a hardcore finance expert helped many companies in Finland and other European Countries , meet their compliance goals.

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